Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bishen Singh Bedi available for World Cup 2011

(Again a fake story published on sportskeeda website and cricket crazy facebook page)

Inspired by Shane Warne’s comeback talks, India’s ace left arm spinner Bishen Singh Bedi declared himself available for selection for World Cup 2011. Bishen Singh Bedi in replying to a question in a TV show told the audience that he felt he was still fit enough to play for India and would be ready to come out of retirement if the fans requested him to do so. Bedi who has constantly criticized Indian spinners for the past 20 years was speaking on a TV show “Match ka Mujrim” when a fan asked him to comment upon the calls to invite Shane Warne back in the Australian team. In an emotional response Bishen Singh Bedi lashed out at the Indian fans for not being sensitive about their ex cricketers and praised the Australian audience for remembering past legends. Bedi said that he had kept himself fit and perfectly in shape and was always ready for any such recall. He said that he was easily the best spinner in India and could outclass Harbhajan Singh any day.

In a bid to increase the TRP’s the TV show host appealed to the audience to start a campaign imploring Bedi to return to the Indian team. Last heard, an SMS campaign has already been launched by various telecom companies asking people to vote for Bedi’s returns.

When Harbhajan Singh was asked about the possibility of Bedi taking his place in the squad as the frontline spinner, Bhajji admonished the reporter telling him that Bhajji was India’s leading "all rounder" and felt insulted on being called a spinner. He further added that this was Bedi’s publicity stunt and an attempt to make it large in life.

Former India captain, Sourav Ganguly rubbished the suggestion calling it ridiculous but extended a warm welcome to Bedi to bowl to him in a local charity game. “Bedi always had more than a few things to say about my batting. I would absolutely love to bat against him” a visibly amused Ganguly told the media.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Indian MBA students behind Sampras’s stolen trophies

(Wrote for fakingnews.com. Unpublished as yet. Needless to say, the store is fake. Idea Credits - Sabyasachi Ghosh)

Los Angeles: In what could turn out to be a major embarrassment for India, FBI today in a press conference revealed that a gang of Indian MBA students was involved in stealing the trophies of tennis legend Pete Sampras. Addressing a packed press conference in LA, FBI officials claimed to have cracked the case. They alleged that they have busted a company named Day0.com, run mostly by alums of prestigious Indian management institutes which stole trophies, certificates etc from various high profile sources, forged them and then sold them at high prices to current Indian students who wanted to use them as high profile CV points.
Fakingnews has got access to a leaked email that Manish Kumar – the CEO of Day0.com used to send to prospective clients. The email promises them of selling CV points ranging from social work in an NGO to live performance in a reality show. Day0.com claims to have placed over 1000 students in multinational Day 0 companies and boasted of the best international placements amongst all other companies operational in this field increasing suspicion of presence of more such gangs working in India.
Manish kumar, an IIT-IIM alum confessed in front of FBI saying that with the placement season in all Bschools starting soon they were pressed for getting newer meatier CV points and made a mistake by punching way above their weights. “Sports points can be sold at extremely large prices because they give an IITians CV, the ideal balance his otherwise geeky CV needs” he told the media. “Business had been really slow over the past two years and with bumper placements expected this year, we were hoping to expand our business. We wanted to become the first company selling international CV points. We expected to sell, International Level – Tennis Player, at a minimum price of Rs 1 lakh”
IIM directors accepted that they were aware of students exaggerating and faking CV points but blamed the US companies for encouraging such practices. “It’s generally the companies headquartered in US and UK which expect our students to have sports and social work in their CV’s. Such expectations are unreal and hence lead to a mad urge amongst students to exaggerate points. A local gully tennis ball match becomes a Zonal level cricket tournament and forced teaching assignment becomes volunteer social work. We cannot blame the students for this nonsense” an enraged IIM director told the media.