Saturday, June 25, 2011

IT Companies to introduce Pyaar ka Punchnama in induction schedule

(Another fakingnews kind of story dedicated to my roomie and hundreds of other guys who have not learnt anything from Pyaar Ka Punchnama. The content is extremely sexist and controversial. Reader discretion is advised.)

Faced with the colossal challenge of keeping new recruits awake during induction presentations many IT companies have decided to include superhit movie Pyaar Ka punchnama as part of the their induction programs. Induction programs which are scientifically designed to impart the necessary gyaan required to complete the transition from student to corporate life are most often treated by young recruits as a frivolous platform to identify their potential future brides (in case of guys) and best friends (read as faithful ****, in case of girls)

Raj Aryan, a senior HR at TCS told us that the movie although a comedy is grounded in reality. He said, “Every year I see hundreds of young boys getting “used” at IT companies. They get salary of one but end up working for 5. Frustrated, they either go to do an MBA or switch companies. We felt it was a necessary to pass such knowledge to new recruits. However, no matter how hard we tried they ended up sleeping in presentations. So when I saw PKP, I realized that this is the best way to communicate to the GenX. Despite its popularity, young graduates have conveniently forgotten the lessons the movie teaches us about life. I am saddened that even after one month of the release of the movie no union (as hinted by the lead actor in PKP) supporting the cause of single guys has come up. We are encouraging our new employees to create a facebook page supporting the cause. In addition, IT engineers at TCS are working on creating a self-check warning system where the popular song “Kutta” will automatically start playing if a male engineer dabbles into any module meant to be completed by any female colleague. “

However, not all employees were all that excited about the supposedly “fun” activity designed by the HR. Rahul, a fresh graduate from DCE said that he absolutely loved the movie but HR being HR asked us to make an overnight presentation on the topic “Learnings for young managers from PKP”. He accepted that the movie had its positive effects because the smoking hot chick XX in his group volunteered to help making the presentation. However, she had a last minute family emergency and had to leave. She came back in the morning and was made the lead presenter. Her presentation skills were appreciated by the senior management and she has been earmarked for the much coveted sales profile. Rahul on the other hand was ridiculed for his soporific dazed expression during the presentation.

PS 1 : In case you are a single guy and haven’t watched PKP, I implore you to watch it. The movie has the potential to attain a cult status reserved only for classics like Gunda or Andaz Apna Apna.

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