Saturday, September 12, 2009

The most boring cricketing stadium in the world

After watching India lose at Colombo once again i thought it was time to update the blog.

Some Stats: India's win against NZ yesterday was only the first time a team batting second won at colombo in 18 matches. The best chase at Premadasa is 271 in the year 2002. All the top 5 highest chases at the stadium happened before 2004. This, in times when scores in excess of 325 are not considered safe.

It was almost a feeling of deja vu when India came out to bat and struggled throughout the innings. Any average Indian cricket fan would have seen such a thing umpteen number of times at Colombo. Leave alone 300, i am sure India would not have chased even 220. The most disappointing thing was Tony grieg showering praises on to the Sri Lankan team, when the only thing they had done correct was winning the toss.Personally, i really hate watching matches in Lanka. They are slow, uninspiring, without any spice and added to it is the constant ranting of Mr Tony Grieg in ridiculous english accent. I have no clue why is he so biased towards the Lankan team. Had those been the stats of any Indian ground he would have ripped the ground authorities apart. I distinctly remember his comments on DDCA during a test match at Kotla. Kotla might still be one of the worst grounds in terms of facilities but atleast the teams have a fair and equal chance while playing.

In a time when the future of ODI cricket is being discussed at lengths in the ICC channels it is really disappointing to see such a run of events. If we continue to have such highly one sided matches where the toss will decide the result, we can surely bid farewell to the ODI game, a game on which our generation has grown up.

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