Wednesday, March 3, 2010

P&G thanks HUL for free publicity

The recent RIN advertisement has certainly created a buzz in the country. A research conducted by a marketing research firm ABCL confirmed that the ad was the most discussed topic on Holi. Useless blogger communities are back in business – putting in posts analyzing the ad and its impact on masses. Some communist writers are of the opinion that such ads are a result of the growing Americanization of India and should be banned immediately. Opposition parties are also planning to stage a walk out over the issue.

However, when reporters of various sensational Hindi news channels contacted P&G for some angry reactions, they were in for a surprise. P&G officials are extremely excited by the latest developments. They are elated because for the first time HUL has recognized P&G as a threat. This is in recognition of all the efforts that we have put over the past few years said a P&G employee. Nirma and Ghadi are two of the biggest detergent brands in India and always considered as a potential threat to HUL domination. Despite P&G’s efforts, Ariel and Tide have always been laggards bought only by people having a fascination for buying phoren goods. One junior P&G manager told us ‘’We were taught Nirma case study in Bschool. Nobody talked about Tide or Ariel. Now they would teach Tide vs Rin at my alma mater. I might be invited for some fruitful discussions. Having received a lot of attitude from industry experts during my placecom days it will be my chance to throw some back. Thank you HUL. “

Another employee gleaming with joy reasoned “My girlfriend’s dad thought I worked for some gambling casino. I can now proudly tell him, I sell Tide. “

Marketing experts believe that the main reason for Proctor’s excitement is because of the fact that they could have never matched HUL’s advertising expenses. And now they have got some free advertising. With prime time rates sky high in the holiday season, there is nothing better than your rival advertising for you.

This is surely a time to rejoice and merry making for Proctor and Gamble employees.

PS: The credits of this post to my boredom at FMS and ankur kalra, the P&G employee talked about.

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