Saturday, March 6, 2010

Batch 2010 Oscars

The post is dedicated to the batch of 2010 FMS MBA.

I have met some truly crazy and bizzare people at FMS. It was only apt to dedicate them some space in my blog. So before media team steals my thunder i decided to come up with my own list of OSCARS for the most popular people of the batch.The jury for these awards is Team BountyHunters - Siddhesh Agashe & Dhruv Anand

MSA will sponsor the prizes and please contact fin secy for further details.

1. Abhishek Sudhakar - Mithun Chakravarty GUNDA award for Best Comic performance in a tragic role
For his amazing, unintentional humor in SOP box which drove us crazy

2. Suman Ubriani - Nirupa Roy award for the best Dukhiyari Nari - Of course, all thanks to Amit tyaagi

3. Kumar Jayant - Shakti Kapoor award for the biggest Flirt

4. Manish Kumar - Google award for Most humorous status messages - And also proving the fact - Status messages dont reveal the true identity of the person

5. Nidhi Kaicker - Best Background music - For constant "che che che" that can drive the most patient people crazy.

6. Amit Kumar - Best actor - For his amazing monologue that established the BABA clan

7. 59 - Lifetime achievement award for constant....ah, i dont know what

8. Arup kumar Das - Appam Chutia award for irritating everyone he came across atleast once.

9. Malavika Adkoli - Sportswoman of the year - For becoming the first player in history to break a leg after being hit by a ping pong ball

10. Sannata Wing - Manoj Kumar's tragedy king award

11. Aditya Maheswari - Barrack Obama award for the best speech ever - Conclub conclave

12. Myself, Arkesh and Dhruv - Best art direction - Vaibhav batra's placement pic

13. Vaibhav Batra - Upcoming model award - Refer Brand Man students for details

14. Chussu, Chooha and Ghissu - Self Destruct spammers award

15. Sutta Chicks - Best Cheerleader's award - Had the spanish team heard it, India would have surely won.

16. Kusha Goyal - UNICEF award for social service - Her anorexia has ensured atleast 2 children less would die of hunger.

17. Ronak Marolia - 100% attendance best student award

18. Siddharth Singh - Best part time student in the MBA full time course

19. Sougata Roy - Best Guest Appearance award

20. Chimni - Environmental conservation award for producing most amount of natural GAS

21. Yatindra Vijavargiya - Pnkj Sinha award for arbit bakwaas. "Qyun aaya forbidden District"

22. Gyanendra Prasad & Amit Kumar - The Airtel guy award for ensuring Airtel's balance sheet stays green

23. Deepak Joshi - HVV Award for Biggest Tharki where HVV stands for you know what

24. Mondal - Lord of the pings award for achievement in noble art of spamming

25. Alisson Perriera - Baba Ramdev Award for best hand exercises award

26. Sushil Pasricha - Fair and lovely Best expression award

27. Sobhanjeet Rath - Best dancer award for Kauua dance

28. Rajat Sagar and DCB - Best action couple award

29. Gaurav Sharma - Bal Brahmachari award for accepting the molestation

30. Gaurav Mittal - Prateek Mathur award for Best smile

31 Prabin Sapkota - Interjector of the Year for asking the most pertinent out of the box questions - Case in point - I did not get high question in the culsoc MSA review.

32. Arkesh Ajay - Roadies Survivor of the year - For surviving against all odds read juniors

33. Nitin Goel - FMS Peace award

34. Anurag Binani - BC Teachers choice award for Best Groomed student

35. Frinson Francis - Best Costume for the famous orange jacket

36. Mansi Prasad - Female Spammer of the year - Yaa, no competition unfair award

37. Aditya Agarwal - Jimmy Choo Superhero of the year

38. Divyanshu Dixit - Freerider of the year award - Was really difficult one to give, but since we tried to have a one award per person policy we had to give it to a person wit absolute no other talent

39. Puja Kasat- Agony aunt of the year -- Another zero competition give away.

40. Navneet 60 - Pareshan Pati award for constant constipation

41. Peeyush Anand - Sunny Deol Award for Best Acting in an emotional role

42 Sabyasachi Ghosh - Dev anand's "Abhi to mai jawaan hu" Award for senior citizens

43 Chetan Agarwal - Satyam Computer Services' Ethical person of the year

44 Kohin Roy - Transformation of the year - From Chillsoc corner to the corner room

45 Sandeep Kannan - MCD's Water conservation award for saving a bucket of water every day

46 Mufeed - Viagara's Super energetic dude award

47 Madhukar Kumar Jha - Brander of the year for conceptualizing Lizard lipsticks

48 Shreekar Sudarshan - Chatur ramalingam award for biggest ghissu male

49 Priyanka Garg - Priyanka Garg award for the biggest ghissu female - Creating her own category

50 Harsh Raj Kumar - Dharmendra award for Best drunk performance

51 Tyagi, Abir,Parvati, Suman and Sachdev - Red and White bravery Award

52 Vaibhav Anand - Simpsons Funny guy of the year - Remember Vihaan's Induction week event

53 Kriti Gupta - ML Singlas Punctual Student of the year - For being super consistent to enter class at 9:30

54 Aditi Gupta - Rs 75/month scholarship for a year under the Sonia Gandhi garib peedit unemployed mahila pariyojna

55 Karan Sehgal - Arvind Narshiman Samoohik balatkar award

56 Neha Sharma - Doubt of the year -- Do ecell students sit for placements?? -- Credits Puja for reminding

57 Vidhi Srivastava - Kiran Mam's useless gyaanbaazi award

58 Ananta Agarwal - Pappu electronics Technician of the year

59 Neetu Mathew - Fake accent of the year. Honestly Kusha wins this hands down but we have strict policies, one individual award per person.

60 Sonam Madan - Anupama Vohra's Ideal bahu award

61 Peeyush hemnani - Junior Batch's Universal Bhaiyya of the year

62 Vaibhav Puri - Dhruv da dhaba Waiter of the year

63 Shrida Joshi - Gujarat and Nort East governments National Integration award

64 Ravi Sattawan - Excuse of the year - Sir, i am going to rural villages for dissertation. Please grant me exemption.

65 Rahul Bhatt - Shammi kapoor Head banging award............Credits: Manish Kumar

66 Dhruv Anand - Dara Singh Muscle Man of the year

67 Da and DCB - Tarun Tejpal whistle blower award............Credits: Manish Kumar

68 Simrinder - Akshay Kumar award for the best female in action role.........Credits: Nidhi Kaicker

69 Rohit Jhangiani - Madu Vij's fastest ever dating award -- Remember first ever class

70 Dharam Vir -- Mallika Sherawat most slutty performance award -- Remember Induction week........Credits: Nidhi Kaicker

71 Shivani Singh - VK Bhalla's The undercover economist award-- She is an economics honours, even i didnt know before today.......Credits: Nidhi Kaicker

72 Chavi Singhal - Sabyasachi award for coining the most misused term in FMS - Bestest CR.......Credits: Nidhi Kaicker

73 Ved Agarwal - shahnaaz hussain Pony Tail of the year...............Credits : Deepak Joshi

74 Kunal Choudhary- Kumbhakaran of the year.......Credits: Deepak Joshi

75 Abhinav Chugh - Citibank "Mai bhi hoon" Award.........Credits: Nidhi Kaicker

76 Distressed Student - Arkesh Ajay's "Thank you for not mailing" Gratitude award

In case you have not made it to the elite list, dont worry the jury is highly immoral and open to changing the list depending on the incentives offered. As it is, the list is hurriedly compiled and some jewels are still missing. We will try to accommodate them asap. You are of course allowed to nominate yourself.


  1. haha this is crazy and awesum!!!

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  3. Saaaliii Jury....but ROFL..Fair n Luvly.

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    Would love to work with you guys to further this list!

  5. awesome post...simply too good...had forgotten some of these instances...and arkesh rightly pointed...missed ppl can be easily worked out...most of them are jewels not to be missed...btw who is pooja kasat?

  6. Great stuff...
    Think you should be given an honorary post in the Media team for this contribution...!

  7. Too gud dude !!! Definitely ur best blog by a long mile. And yes thnx for the award ;-)

  8. I knew I shouldn't have sat next to Siddhesh in class today and made the biggest mistake of talking to him!!!

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  10. supporting neetu's cause...dats the d way she talks darlings...its not a fake accent :) :P

  11. Muah. Love you Mansi, Always!!!

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