Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 reasons to support Delhi Daredevils

(Inspired from my earlier post on 10 reasons to support the English football Team)

So the IPL madness is on once again. Fans of Shahrukh khan, Shilpa Shetty, Deepika Padukone, Preity zinta and even Shashi Tharoor have joined the cricket crazy people in the frenzy. In this chaos, I am sure the Delhi owners might have felt really left out in the first 3 seasons. Poor souls are not celebrities nor they have political contacts, neither they have “talented” sons with famous gf’s. The team was also a mid table team - neither brilliant nor controversial to attract any attention. In such a scenario, GMR Group was clearly the most unknown of the owners. So this year they decided to do something so daft, that everyone would jump up and ask – “Who the hell are the owners of this team???”

Anyways, I still feel supporting Delhi Daredevils is still the best bet for anybody thinking of enjoying the next two months. Here are my reasons -

1. When you look at Irfan Pathan you realize that no matter if the majority of the people in the world feel you are completely useless, there is always someone somewhere who values you at a price of Rs 4.5 crore. Life is always about finding such “special someone” :D

2. You can always put up super funny facebook status messages about any DD player. You are bound to get 1000 likes from all DD fans because all of them are busy surfing facebook instead of watching the match

3. Such things help you emphatize better with Bangladeshi cricket fans. Imagine they have been going through the same emotions for the past 10 years. Hence, supporting Delhi will make you a better person. (Delhi people, most of all need to develop such emotions)

4. A loser team always helps you appreciate the other team’s performance better. Infact, even amateur players like Maneria will start looking good when they play against your team. So if you are DD fan, you will feel future of Indian cricket is in secure hands.

5. No Market Risk - If somehow tomorrow all cricket boards decide to call back all international players to their countries, other franchisees will run for cover while DD will be completely unaffected. Afterall, they have only 1 international in the entire squad

6. The match might get so boring that you will switch channels to Star Cricket and watch India winning the WC 2011 100th time. Since every Indian is bound to watch it a million times in the future, DD fans are getting a solid head start.

7. Suddenly Mithun Minhas, Manoj Tiwari and Amit Mishra have started performing. It is a clear learning to all Delhi fans that respect all things you have in your life. Coz you will understand their true value only once they are gone.

8. Warrant Buffet, Who??? GMR people are the biggest corporate philanthropists in the world. They have spent so much on forgotten talent of Indian cricket – Agarkar, pathan, V Rao with the hope that they will rise to the occasion and prove themselves.

9. After two years, everybody will remember the winner but nobody will remember the losing finalists. So for 8 other teams, this year would be as meaningless as for DD. Their fans will have to needlessly suffer from the agony of finishing 5th or losing a close final match. DD fans can thoroughly enjoy the dancing cheer girls, Page 3 celebs of other teams without worrying about their team's performance.

10. Most importantly, DD fans can now concentrate on their hobbies, interests that are not related to cricket. For example, in my case this blog was not updated since the WC started. I had no intentions of posting anything till the end of the IPL, but my team’s performance forced me to. So In case you have a gf or a wife, its time you concentrate on her and forget cricket for a while because immediately after the IPL it’s the England tour then the WI tour followed by the Australian tour.

PS: Delhi could be well on their way towards creating history. And we as DD fans should be proud about what we are about to endure over the next three years. It will help us become stronger persons :D

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