Friday, October 28, 2011

Cab driver Pappu Yadav challenges Vettel for a race on Delhi Roads

In what could be an inspiring story for large number of youngsters around India, cab driver Pappu Yadav has challenged Sebastien Vettel, the current Formula 1 champion to have a race with him on Delhi Roads. Pappu Yadav, a cab driver at a Gurgaon call center, is widely recognized among his peers as the fastest driver on Delhi Roads. He was extremely miffed when he realized that the Formula 1 champion is officially recognized as the fastest driver in the world. Now he sees next week’s Indian F1 as the perfect opportunity to decide once and for all who the fastest driver in the world is.

The Delhi Cab driver union has come in full support of Pappu. Gainda Singh, the union’s leader told faking news, “Formula 1 is completely farcical. The driver who drives on real roads in real traffic is the true champion. Even my 8 year old kid can drive fast on a vacant F1 circuit”. Unknown to the whole world, Pappu is a local hero among cab drivers. All drivers fondly remember how he once managed to drive from Rohini to Gurgaon-Sec 53 in 10 minutes, and that too in peak Delhi traffic and all that without any DRS technology. Raju, a young 18 year old cab driver commented - “He is an inspiration to all of us youngsters. He completes 10 rounds of pick up and drop from Rohini to Gurgaon in a single day. Imagine the money he makes when he picks ups stray passengers from IFFCO Chowk. All money tax free. I want to grow up to become Pappu one day. ” Infact, Pappu is not alone. All these cab drivers, almost cry when they think about the mouth watering prospect of driving on smooth roads with no traffic. They are convinced that they can beat all these foreign cars driving their own desi Mahindra Xylo’s. May be Vijaya Mallaya can be convinced to give 1 or 2 a test trial at the beginning of next season.

Diggi Singh (Indian minister who has an opinion about everything), lamented – “Its sad to see such talent getting wasted in India. Why should the Indian national team (referring to Force India) have foreign drivers. Why shouldn’t it have a reservation for Indian drivers like that in the IPL. Its an imperialistic conspiracy.” Clearly, Mr Singh has very little or no knowledge about Formula 1. But he is not the only one. 50% of the viewers who have bought tickets for next weekend’s race still think that Michael Schumacher is the world champion and Ferrari is best team in the world. When asked about who Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandok were, 40% promptly gave the reply that they are the latest Indian Davis Cup pair. The purists are hoping that the situation changes before next year’s race but the organizers are clearly not bothered because all tickets are sold out. “If they are buying a ticket to just flaunt pics on facebook, so be it. We don’t really care” a delighted organizer of the Indian F1 team addressed the media.