Monday, June 15, 2009

The most boring job in the world

As a part of our summer experience M&M took us to their Scorpio plant. It is a wonderful plant with most of the parts assembled automatically. Watching a complete body of Scorpio being assembled within 2.5 minutes via a completely automated process was really exciting. But besides the body there are numerous operations done on the car before it comes out and all these are done on an assembly line with manual operations.
On watching them for more than 5 minutes i realized that these workers end up doing the same job, and i mean the exact same job with a repetition cycle of 5 minutes throughout the day, 6 days in a week, throughout the year. And this continuously for at least 3 - 4 years.
Imagine standing 2 feet below the ground level the whole day. And screwing the same screws 500 times in day. This is a helluva job i suppose. I never felt like this before but a workers job must be tiring not only physically but mentally also.

PS: Robin, Kanika, Sinha and all others working in a plant. I pity you all :-)


  1. Need not pity atleast on sinha, am doing sales job in maruti and not working on line!!!1

  2. FYI....we dont screw the same thing 500 times a day. We dont work on the line, we are engineers....we get to screw what we want, when we want :p....
    Jokes apart, even though our job is not repetitive like the workers, its pretty boring. I dont like it :(, not challenging enough.