Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mumbai facts

Now that I have decided to continue with the blog, I will start with a few facts that Mumbai people inherently believe in –
1. Mumbai is the cleanest city in India. (Perhaps that’s why people sleep on the street itself)
2. All north Indians are SOB’s with no ethics. (Have you heard the names Raj and Bal thackery)
3. Delhi is a city full of goons and pickpockets. (It is a different matter that somebody stole my phone. Obviously it must have been a north Indian)
4. All marathis must support Mumbai Indians. When I told them in fluent Marathi that I am die hard Delhi daredevils fan, the shock on their faces was priceless
5. Ajinkya Rahane is the best young batsmen in India. (I hope he turns out to be )
6. Mumbai players cannot get selected in the Indian team unless they are as good as Sachin. Obviously they have conveniently forgotten the pain Ajit agarkar and Wasim Jaffer have inflicted on Indian cricket fans.
7. Mumbai Local is as good as Delhi Metro. (Oh God!! Please forgive them, they don’t know what they are saying)
8. “Kanda”, “Batata” and “Ghai” are Hindi words. (lol)
9. Mumbai is the financial capital of india. (That’s why they are the host to the biggest slum in India)
And now the last one which has caused me the most pain.
10. There is no concept of MRP (More on this one later. But did I hear all goons are in delhi )

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