Monday, August 16, 2010

Randiv accepts deliberate no ball – blames overkill of Ind – SL cricket

Suraj Randiv, the much maligned Sri Lankan off spinner has accepted that he deliberately balled the no ball which prevented Virender Sehwag from completing his century. It is learnt that Randiv accepted the mistake after he started receiving death threats from some ethnic Indian groups who felt that Randiv had insulted them and wanted to take revenge.

An emotional Suraj Randiv addressed the press conference here in Colombo today and blamed the overkill of India Sri Lanka cricket for the fiasco. He said that he thought that he will create a controversy that would be large enough to create a diplomatic row and force the Indian government to ban India from playing in Sri Lanka. “The Indian parliamentarians are well known for fighting for the cause of the cricketers. They had earlier stopped all work to protest against racism allegations by Andrew Symonds. Before that they had got into a war of words with Greg Chappel. I thought that a similar situation between India Sri Lanka would finally put an end to the series of boring Ind-SL cricket matches” he said.

On being asked why he was so frustrated to play India, Randiv had the following answer “Since I have started playing international cricket I have always played against India. Indian players are world renowned for playing off spin and hence play me easily. I can never manage an IPL contract if Sehwag keeps smashing me for sixes. I desperately want to play the English or the South Africans who I am sure would not even pick my straighter one. Unfortunately, the SL board never organizes any matches against them. I could have easily picked 200 wickets till now.” Many Sri Lankan and Indian players are sympathetic of the view. They also said that they are sick and tired of playing the same team again and again. Not surprisingly, Indian fast bowlers have appealed to the media to stop hassling Randiv as he had a noble intention. Ashish Nehra said “I don’t blame him. It happens to the best of us. Even I am tired of balling on dead tracks. When I see James Anderson balling those balls that swing like a boomerang even I feel that I should get a chance to play in England. Unfortunately the board doesn’t agree. I guess Randiv took it too far but then I can understand, young people make mistakes”
Randiv in his final remarks said that he was ready to accept any punishment that the SL board wants to give him but hoped that he would never have to play India again after this controversy.


  1. Hilarious read! Loved the "comments" of the players!

  2. Nice take on too much cricket and the randiv controversy. keep writing. I came thru FN btw

  3. Fucking stuff those idiots escapes with one match ban and a match fee! means they'll have another chance to do the same against us in Leagues match itself