Wednesday, September 29, 2010

IIPM to introduce CWG case study in course curriculum

(Disclaimer: This blog was written for (under my pseudo name freeriding sid) and did not get published. The information is fake) Diclaimer added after i recieved random mails asking for the case study -- True story :P

New Delhi: IIPM director Arindam Chaudhari declared yesterday that IIPM would create a case study on the management of the commonwealth games 2010. IIPM reported that they have identified CWG 2010 as an exemplary example of HR management and hope that students can learn something out of it. Not only did Commonwealth Games authorities followed the super popular JIT technique by completing all tasks right at the eleventh hour bringing down the maintenance cost to almost zero levels, they also managed to keep all the employees happy and cheerful by providing them best in class remunerations.

Arindam Chaudhari in addressing a press conference declared that the case study is revolutionary in the sense that for the first time a case study will talk about employee engagement. The organizing committee has had an attrition rate of almost zero percent despite all opposition from the customers. Shah Rukh Khan one of the faculties at IIPM talked to freeriding sid. He said “All management principles talk only about customers ignoring the employees completely even though they form the most important part of any organization. We at IIPM are always looking towards creating revolutionary management principles and ideas. We hope that this case study would lead to better HR policies amongst Indian companies”

Arindam declared that IIPM which is already an established leader amongst Indian business schools has taken this step to challenge the hegemony of Harvard Business School in creating business case studies. “All Indian business schools have to study cases of Indian companies published in HBR. We at IIPM feel that we can create better caselets than HBS. This will enable us to take on the business schools from all across the world” Said Arindam Chaudhari in a press conference. Arindam said that he hoped to come up with an IIPM business review(IBR) similar to the HBR with more such Indian examples. The tagline of the IBR would be “Dare to think beyond HBR and Toyota”

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